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Mountain Houses, Cabins & Apart in El Calafate

A place specially designed to enjoy nature in one of its most sublime expressions.

       Where to see the sun fall in the Andes is magical but fleeting ... to give place to a shower of stars and the moon that does not resist to shine to clarify the sky ... that only allows a high point like this, strategically located so that it is also very bright in the day, with a view from all the cabins to the headwaters of the Onelli, Bolados and Agazzis glaciers, falling from the Andes Mountain Range, the Redonda Bay and the Argentino Lake ... you will also enjoy the reddish sunsets in the mountain range of Los Cristales ... cradle of the Torres del Paine.

 Our farm is located in a residential panoramic point, silent, because being elevated, although close to the noisy shopping center (10 blocks), nothing can disturb the pleasure of the holidays, with a large garden to enjoy outdoors, and exclusive open spaces to the repair of the wind where you will live an unparalleled privacy ... our property of 2500 m2 with only 4 housing units is a clear signal, always aiming at spacious, unique environments, if we analyze the current offer of cabins, aparts or lodges, where 90% of the offer are small prefabricated houses, with low ceilings and soft woods of little solidity (consult before reserving this fundamental factor that differentiates us from all the offers, since in addition to being of solid structure their foundations are antisísmicas, to be mounted on micropiles of reinforced concrete sustendas by tosca). We must consider the high price of m2 of housing that brought and continues to result in the elimination or reduction of environments, removing habitable spaces from cabins, apartments or hotel rooms or hostel ... with our love was warmly decorated every corner of every environment ... the best of El Calafate and Southern Patagonia.


At the heart of the cabins dominated the noblest woods that applies to all elements of each cabin, as curupay, the anchico, the crevilea and cypress, and this sets us apart as virtually all other cabins are wood very economic as the pine Ellyotis or eucaliptus (saligna). We emphasize it since they are authentic cabins with this warm constructive style of Patagonia.

 Looking at the Andes with its eternal ice, in this natural balcony at times time is left aside, and the mountain wind shows us its power and so the structures are left aside to reflect our decontractured, flexible, country, warm style, natural and full of life.


We invite you not to miss our promos for 2018-2019 and comfortably enjoy the wonder of our sight and the warmth of our city along with the warmth of our people.


Máximo E. Villalba 547 | El Calafate | Santa Cruz | Patagonia Argentina

Phone: (02902) 493999 | e-mail:

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